Part 8: Ordering transformers and the organization of The Vanderveen Project

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The transformers of the project can be ordered now. The prices mentioned at "order" are without VAT and packaging and transportation. Starting December 5 2006 these prices had to be increased due to extra material costs (cupper) and improved manufacturing. You can order by email at Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.. Please clearly mention your name and postal address plus how many pieces you order. You will receive an invoice, after payment shipment will follow immediately.

vdv pow80

The progress of the project is as follows: every two weeks a new amplifier of the proposed 20 (see number 7) will be discussed. To do this properly I have designed a standard form. In there you find: which amplifier and number and name, the wiring of the “amplifier wire board” (see number 10) and of the “supply wire board” (see number 9), the quiescent currents through the power tubes, the secondary connections of the OPT for a standard 4 Ohm loudspeaker, the maximum output power at 1 kHz, the lowest frequency at Pmax where the core of the OPT is at the edge of saturation, the –3dB frequency range at 8 Vpp in the standard 4 Ohm load, the amplification at 1 kHz from input to output without and with the 4 Ohm load, the output impedance and damping factor, remarks about the subjective character of the sound. There is also room available for extra remarks. You can download this “project standard form” here. Keep it at a safe place in your computer for future use. Its language is English because of the international character of this project.

Following I first will publish the twenty amplifiers mentioned. After that it is your turn to propose new concepts. The universal system, as discussed in the numbers 6 and 7, contains much more possibilities than the 20 amps as proposed by me. You can mail me your inventions by using the standard form. I will consider and when great I will publish the solution at the project site with the name and email of the inventor.

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