moving-coil transformer

step-up ratio 1:10

mu-metal shielded
€ 94,38 (€ 78,00 tax exclusive)


The MC10 is the high-end step-up transformer for moving coil cartridges. It transforms the small output voltages of a moving coil cartridge into a 10 times larger voltage for direct connection to the MM input of a pre amplifier. The frequency range is very wide, eminent core material with inaudible low granulation distortion, linear phase and differential phase, critical damping of the MC cartridge, large magnetic headroom with inaudible low frequency distortion, easy mounting for asymmetrical (RCA) and symmetrical (XLR-3) inputs and outputs, precise adjustment to any MC cartridge by means of three external components, …………….

Step-up ratio : 1 to 10 effective
Input impedance: from 10 Ω to 344 Ω
Output impedance: standardized at 47 kΩ
Frequency range : exceeding 10 Hz to 50 kHz
Shielding : mu-metal
Dimensions : 23 x 12 x 15 mm
Weight : 18 grams

Download: MC10 datasheet in pdfNL and pdfEN
Download Application: MCML05 pre-amp in pdfDutch or pdfEnglish