Trans-SE18 amplifier9
2 x VDV-3025-SE + T5N190410-c
€ 669,13 (€ 553,00 tax exclusive)


In pdfAudioXpress December 2019 the new Vanderveen-Trans-SE18 amplifier is published.

In this design special toroidal transformers are applied.

The superior set of transformers contains:
Output transformers 2 x VDV-3025-SE plus Mains-transformer T5N190410-c;
All transformers are with equal black-grey cans of 160 mm diameter by 90 mm height and 5,4 kg weight each.

Download: pdfVDV-3025-SE datasheets 1 en pdfVDV-3025-SE datasheet 2
Download: pdfT5N190410 in Trans-SE18.pdf 
Download: pdf3025-SE in Trans-SE18.pdf