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SE10 All-Valve Amplifier-Kit

€ 1678,00 (€ 1386,78 tax exclusive)



We develop and realize high quality audio reproduction. Many of our clients like to construct excellent valve amplifiers as part of their DIY activity. These are the main ingredients for this new single-ended stereo valve amplifier. We present it as a half kit; some of the work is already done, other is true DIY and a joy to build.

In its development we focused on the music reproduction in the most transparent way. Traditional valve amplifier designs use feedback across the transformer, or no feedback at all. Both methods have their flaws in terms of distortion reduction and maintaining the correct damping factor.

Our research resulted in the so called Trans-Technique which we applied in this amplifier kit. By means of current steering techniques plus DC-coupling, the power tube is converted into a low impedance low distortion driver of the output transformer. Low impedance drive is essential for smallest magnetic distortions inside the output transformer.

The total result is a transparent sound stage with a correct stereo, depth and height image. Its' character is pure and embracing. The bass reproduction is unlike with many valve amps detailed and quick. Micro details from instruments, voices and surrounding spaces remain intact.

The Trans-SE10 is an A4-sized stereo tube amplifier kit with Trans valve-electronics. The electronic design stems from Menno van der Veen (ir. bureau Vanderveen). Mechanical design and kit manufacturing is by Guido Tent (Tentlabs). The transformers are Vanderveen-Toroidals manufactured by Trafco in Serbia.

The kit comes standard with KT88 power tubes; good alternatives can be applied, see the specifications.

The pdf format construction manual is totally based on pictures. They tell more than many words and logically guide you through the construction process. To get a glimpse of construction details, you can easily enlarge the pictures as much as you like.


Amplifier                               : Vanderveen-Trans-SE10 All-Valve Amplifier-Kit
Output Power                       : 2 x 10 Watt (2 x 12 Watt at onset of clipping)
Valves per kit                        : ECC83; 2 x ECF802; 2 x KT88
Alternatives for KT88           : 6550 or KT90 or KT120 or KT150
Inputs                                   : 4 stereo RCA-inputs
Input sensitivity                    : 310 mV for 10 Watt in 4 or 8 Ω load
Volume control                     : 50 kΩ Alps
Speaker outputs                   : 4 Ω and 8 Ω
Frequency range                  : 9 Hz to 60 kHz (-3 dB @ 1 W in 4 Ω)
Distortion                              : 0,05 % (D2 @ 1kHz @ 1 W in 4 Ω)
Power Bandwidth                 : 30 Hz to 60 kHz (- 3 dB)
Damping Factor                   : 7 (at 4 and 8 Ω outputs)
Mains voltages                     : internally selected 110-120 or 220-240 Vac @ 50/60 Hz
Dimensions                           : W x H x D = 22 x 23 x 33 cm
Mass                                     : 8 kg
Specifications                       : subject to change or improve without any further notification.
Distribution                           : &
Price and delivery                : Inside EU: the price mentioned includes tax and shipment.
                                               Outside EU: we will inform about costs and delivery.

Download:  zipMANUAL-VANDERVEEN-TRANS-SE10-1.5.4.zip54.6 MB

Download Modification-1:  pdfVanderveen-Trans-SE10_MOD-1_Anti-Plop.pdf

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