Universal PP output transformer

Primary 2 to 8 kΩ

Power = 80 W
€ 170,61 (€ 141,00 tax exclusive)



This new toroidal output transformer is the successor of the famous VDV-GIT80 output transformer with EI-core. The new VDV-GIT-t is a toroidal with largely improved specifications. It is a “universal” output transformer, meant for a wide range of valve amplifiers, ranging from 10 to 80 Watt, originally intended for guitar amplifiers. Now the new specs are so good that application in guitar-amps and in the best high-end amplifiers is advised.

On this site, extensive studies are published about the various applications of this OPT, ranging from basic push-pull to advanced high power designs with multiple feedback between the power tubes and the transformer. Ultra linear feedback is possible, as is cathode feedback, or application in so called bridged PPP-concepts. See for abundant details the attachments of “The Project” and the “PR20HE-amplifier”. The Project discusses most of the possible configurations, while the “PR20HE” in detail shows how to construct a 70 to 80 Watt high power amplifier with two power tubes in push-pull.

We call the VDV-GIT80-t a universal transformer, because it can be used in almost all configurations that you can imagine. This year (2019 and 2020) the GIT80-t will play a major role in the TubeSociety-2019-project. Its results will be published around August 2020, which will give you extra guidance to successful implementation.

VDV-POW80-t is the power transformer that matches all applications of the VDV-GIT80-t. Download its specifications below and see the description in the section: Products > Transformers > Power transformers

Application : universal toroidal push-pull output transformer.
Power : 80 Watt
Primary impedance : from 2 to 8 kΩ
Secondary impedance : from 2 to 16 Ω
UL-taps : 33 %
Cathode feedback : with secondary
Dimensions : diameter 125 mm, height 55 mm
Weight : 2,6 kg

Download : pdfVDV-GIT80-t specifications-1 ; pdfVDV-GIT80-t specifications-2 universal connections
Download: pdfVDV-POW80-t specifications 
Applications: Download the PR20HE service manual in zipPR20HE-UK.zipzipPR20HE-DL.zipzipPR20HE-NL.zip
Research: go to “The Project” ; pdfdownload 118th AES Convention 2005, Barcelona; paper 6347.